The Ocean by Olivier Bellin is now closed.

Michelin-starred The Ocean by Olivier Bellin is an exquisite dining experience by Le Comptoir, serving Breton cuisine combining the best of earth and sea. With an expansive 10,000 square foot space at The Pulse in scenic Repulse Bay, The Ocean is an ode to decadent, artfully designed décor that complements the Southside’s natural beauty with striking interior themes. From the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows to the exquisite details in the choices of the art of table, the tailor-made ceramics to its booths and tables, designed to convey the beauty of coral reefs, every feature unites to evoke a sense of oceanic tranquility.  Helmed by Chef Bellin, The Ocean is twinned with his two Michelin-starred restaurant L’Auberge des Glazicks, with both restaurants sharing a passion for art, food and refinement.